Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What about the PHASES of life????!!!!

Phases?  Hold up!!!  Wait a minute!!  I need to back up a little.  I have realized that an explanation of the phases is vital to our previous posts.  

I mentioned a lot in the previous posts about "our mission" or "my mission" or "making an impact".  I should have mentioned also that these phrases are referring to Phases of my life.   I am now transitioning from Scholar Phase to Mission Phase planning and preparing for my Impact Phase.  That is the journey I have invited you on.  I know it will be a time of great learning and change. Thus I invited those close to me to join me.  It may just be my spouse and children and grandchildren ect. that read these posts, or it may be my close friends and family also (some who are reading these first posts) or hopefully, eventually, once I am in impact phase, those I mentor will be reading these lessons, as they begin their journey also.  All I know is God put it on my heart to keep a record of my lessons, so here they are.  

If you are interested in learning more about the phases of life I am referring to, Oliver Van Demille teaches them in great length in his book "A Thomas Jefferson Education" .  He is our mentor as far as education in life.  I will give a brief description of each phase, but I recommend any of his books if you want to study the subject in more depth.

It's very important that we do not compare our timeline to that of others.  The phases and the timing are very personal, and different for everyone!!!!

Here are the phases:

1.  Core Phase 

Core phase is the phase we look on longingly as we watch toddlers and preschoolers play and learn and grow.  Their lives are so carefree and everything is fun and adventurous.  

We remember this phase with fondness, if we were raised in a good core environment.  I would like to say here that some of us, unfortunately were not, those who were not may need to revisit this phase as adults.

In this phase we should have learned our core values.... Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Black and White (There is hardly any grey here.  During core phase everything is black and white) , Trust should be learned here.  Unconditional love.  It is called the core phase because the other phase build on it.  It is the center of all the other phases.  That is why, if you did not learn these core values at some point before adulthood it is so important you go back to core phase and read and study the classics that teach these values.  Surround yourself with people who inspire these values and turn to your Savior Jesus Christ, whom you can learn the values of Trust and Unconditional Love.  Find a spiritual mentor to help you learn good from bad, right and wrong.

Educationally, during this phase we are learning through play and work.  Small chores are fun at this time and set a foundation for work ethic.  It is important to note as parents to children in this phase the play and work are done together.  That is what makes it fun and inspiring and educational.

2. Love of Learning Phase 

Love of Learning is the Phase where we are excited to learn and begin to read and get excited about concepts.  It is described that this is the phase where we may read a little on one topic, get bored, shelve that book and pick up another.  We are playing in our education.  Finding where we fit and getting a breadth of knowledge.  Once we gain a true Love of Learning we will grasp the topics that interest us most and drive in depth on them.

This phase is a great phase to read classics that teach as they entertain.  It will hold our interest longer. I recommend Louissa May Alcott in this phase.  Her books teach so many principles.  I also love Jane Austen because she was an expert on portraying the different personality types.  Read her books after reading "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer.

This phase is typically in children 8-12, but honestly, this day and age most adults have not left this phase.  Sadly, a love of learning is not nurtured in the Public School System.  Some do gain this that have gone through that system, but it is usually because of someone inspiring them outside of school, a mentor or parent or spiritual leader.  I am an example of the this and so is Nathan.  Our inspiration came from our business mentors while we were in Amway and our Education mentor Oliver DeMille.

If you are trying to nurture this phase in your children the best way to do it is to read out loud to them the classics.  ALOT!!!  Don't ever stop.  I will read out loud to my children until they leave home.  We have read so many books together I can't even count them and the life lessons taught will last forever.  Time well invested and much enjoyed.  People make the mistake of stopping this once their children read independently.  Don't stop.  I beg you!  If you have, start again!

3. Scholar Phase

Scholar Phase is the phase where you have figured out your life mission, at least the vision is there, and you are reading and studying in depth those books and people that will help you reach this vision.  You feel an urgency to read everything you can to get you closer to that goal.

4. Mission Phase

Mission Phase is where you are working on that initial mission God put on your heart.  You know you are made for Greatness and you know you are meant to do great things and you are determined to do them.  I have found in my own experience that many brick walls appear during this phase, Giants and distractions.  Satan wants to discourage us from accomplishing our mission.  He does not want us to move on to impact phase.  This is important to remember during this phase.  Don't let him win.  Impact is to important!  At the same time do not fear him.  He cannot win when you have the Lord on your side.  The only way he wins is if we quit.  Push forward with faith.  Knock down the walls or climb over them, remove the distractions (those things that bring only temporary satisfaction), beat the giants and win!!!  A great book that illustrates this is 'The Dream Giver" (I don't remember the author.) Then guess what?? It's now time for Impact Phase!!!

5. Impact Phase

This is the phase where we are now being sought out as a mentor.  We now have the money to do things that will impact thousands.  

Mission and Impact Phase are so personal to each individual.  We were each preordained to do different things.  If we have properly gone through the first 3 phases however we will have no problem finding our life mission and eventually making and impact.

I do want to mention that this is a progression, the time scale is also personal.  The process could take 30 years or 3.  It is honestly in God's time and is also personal.  I would never have been able to be in true Scholar, Mission or Impact phase when my children were small. It is easy now because they are part of the Mission and the Impact.  It has become a family mission.  They are on the journey with us.  I'm not saying others can't be in this phase with small children, but for me it wouldn't have happened.  

I spent time with a couple in Orlando who have a world wide ministry Tim and Gaye Goad.  We went to their ranch on Sunday to hang out with them and their kids.  They have been traveling the world making a difference in the lives of thousands since before their kids were born.  It's all their kids know.  Gaye was telling me about raising kids on airplanes and in hotel rooms.  People would be amazed that they could do it, but we shouldn't be.  They are living their God inspired mission and impacting thousands of lives!!! He has helped them work it out!! We are excited to begin a mentee relationship with them as we move into our own mission and impact phase since our impact goal is also a world-wide goal.  

With all that being said!!!  Enjoy each phase!  Embrace where you are and seek inspiration!!!  
I know I will!!!


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  1. I look forward to more post Mel. I've always looked up to you so like it or not you are in the Impact Phase. I finally feel the need to truly find Gods true purpose for me, since I'm no longer in the Survivor phase...